Klingon Fan Clubs and Groups - FAQ


Imperial Date ID 0412.14

by QIb vestai yabHuj

This FAQ tries to concentrate vital information about all groups and clubs related to the Klingon fandom, culture, language and ...whatever. It is limited to "real-life" clubs where you can meet face to face, sing and feast - and not exclusively via internet.

Please send corrections, adresses, contacts, information and whatever you know to contribute to this FAQ to me.

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0. Structure of this FAQ (Table Of Contents)

1. Clubs and groups mentioned within this FAQ
2. General Internet-Resources
3. Club summaries, newsletters and websites
4. World map of club distribution
5. Information about the individual groups
6. Klingon Actors - fanclubs
7. Moved or merged clubs and groups
8. Inactive or closed down clubs and groups

1. Clubs and groups mentioned within this FAQ

sorted alphabetically

Fan Clubs

Language Groups

2. Internet-Resources

First of all THE two WWW resources for klingons:

One of the most famous Klingon resources: the KIDC site at

Packed with loads of information: the site of Khemorex Klinzhai!

Then there are other FAQs dealing with Klingon culture. There is an overview in the

Klingon Meta - FAQ which is

posted about monthly to the USENET newsgroups
available via WWW at
http://www.khemorex-klinzhai.de/faqs/meta.html (HTML)
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3. Club summary, newsletter and website

One line (max.80 characters) per club to characterize itself:

Intergalactic Klingon Empire
Newsletter: The tlhIngan jev (6/year)
http://www.fortunecity.com/tatooine/challenger/208/ (outdated link)

Khemorex Klinzhai!
Meet fellow klingons and have fun - on many local groups (ships). "Hey-ho! Fun is honorable."
Newsletter: Renegade (quarterly) - German language

KAI - Klingon Armada International

KAG - Klingon Assault Group
Enjoy being Klingons as part of an international group who's motto is "Have Fun"!
Newsletter: Mindscanner (quarterly), Klingon Warrior Komm Link (quarterly) - The Karr Regency Kourier
http://www.kag.org KAG USA
http://sdf.kag.org KAG - Australia = Sun Dragon Fleet

KDFS - Klingon Defense Force Simulation Group
Honor, Glory, Duty! The Klingon Defense force Simulations. Be a Warrior!
(no newsletter)
http://www.kdfs.org/ (outdated link)

KIDC - Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps
Dedicated to fostering and promoting Klingon culture, society, rituals and traditions here on Terra.
Newsletter: numerous Klingon mailing lists, see website for full list

KLAW - Klingon Legion of Assault Warriors
Newsletter: The Pillage Voice (monthly)

KLAS - Klingons Lending Assistance and Support
We are active in giving back to the community as well as having a lot of fun.
Newsletter: Kronos Chronicles (quarterly)

KSF - Klingon Strike Force
The Klingon club with an emphasis on writing and role playing, as well as various creative projects in art and writing.
http://www.mimbral.com/ksf/ (outdated URL)

Klingon Warrior Society
http://kws.dhs.org/ (outdated link)

Warriors of Kahless
WOK is a free membership net based club to help klingons meet, have fun and party!
Newsletter: Kahless Coms (bi-monthly)
http://www.smartgroups.com/groups/warriors_of_kahless/ (outdated address)

KLI - Klingon Language Institute
The KLI's goals are to promote, foster, and support the Klingon Language.
Newsletter: HolQeD (quarterly), jatmey (1/year) - poetry and fiction
qepHommey - klingon language enthusiasts
Locally learning, promoting and supporting the Klingon Language.
tlhIngan Qummem - Klingon Language Directory
The Klingon Directory is a cross club group directory of Klingon language enthusiasts.

4. Location - where you can find ships and groups...

Meeting fellow fans and staying in contact is much easier when they live in your (relative) neighbourhood than continents away. The entries locate the groups (often called SHIPS) down to city level (country-state-city).

Countries and states/cities are listed (roughly) alphabetically. Groups with local ships are listed before scattered or (more) global groups.

South Africa





Berlin, Bochum, Bremen+Hamburg, Braunschweig, Frankfurt, Halle, Hannover, Koeln/Cologne, Koblenz, Lueneburg, Maitis+Stuttgart, Munich/Muenchen, Nuernberg, Trier
  • qepHommey - klingon language enthusiasts

    Great Britain
    (Great Britain)






    Swe Göteborg, Uppsala




  • Kanada

    British Columbia
  • qepHommey - klingon language enthusiasts
    (British Columbia)


    Nova Scotia
    Shubenacadie, Halifax
    (Nova Scotia)

    Hamilton, Lindsay, Kingston, Markham, Mississauga, Nepean, Ottawa, Scarborough, Stirling, Sudbury, Timmins

    Beaconsfield, Beloeil, Chateauguay, Dollard des Ormeaux, Dorval, Fabreville, Greenfield Park, Lorraine, Montreal, Pointe Claire, Ste-Foy, Ste-Genevieve, Ste-Rose, Valcourt, Verdun)




  • Near East

    Pacific Region

    New Zealand

    South America:




    Phenix City


    San Diego
    Concord, Escalon, Fresno, Hanford, Julian, Oakland, San Bruno, San Jose, Tujunga
    Chico, Cypress, Paradise
    Santa Rosa, Sacramento

    Westminster (Denver)
    Boulder Creek, Colorado Springs


    Orange Park
    Ft. Myers, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Orlando, Gainesville

    Appling, Augusta, Baldwin, Carrollton, East Point, Kennesaw, Marietta, Norcross, Warner Robins


    Alton, Granite City, Springfield, Creve Coeur, Winfield

    Gas City, Marion, Patoka

    Parson, Pittsburg

    Williamstown, Erlanger, Paris, Owingsville, Lexington

    Augusta, Biddeford, Hollis, Lewiston, North Easton, Orono, Portland, Waterville



    Jackton, Ludington


    Alton, Granite City, Kansas City, University City, St Louis, West St. Louis County
    Joplin, Webb City

    Las Vegas

    New Jersey
    Bound Brook

    New Mexico
    Albuquerque, Holloman AFB, Las Cruces, Rio Rancho

    New York
    Brant, Buffalo
    Henrietta, Lockport, Watertown, West Monroe, Williamsville
    New York City (?)
    (New York)

    North Carolina
    Charolette, Greensboro, Havelock, Haw River, Jacksonville, Hickory, Marion

    North Dakota

    Zanesville, Cincinnati, Bucyrus, Parma, Montpelier, Cleves, Vermillion, Lakemore, Curtice, Columbus, Canton, Galloway, Portsmouth, Wooster, Dayton, Niles, Coshocton, Englewood, Franklin, Uhrichsville

    OK City, Muskogee

    Oregon City, Portland

    White Oak
    Erie, Montoursville, Transfer, Whitehall


    South Carolina
    Gray Court

    South Dakota
    Sioux Falls

    Memphis, Vanleer, Woodlawn

    Baytown, San Antonio, Midlothian, Ft. Worth
    Austin, Garland, Kingwood
    Ft. Hood

    Virgina Beach


    West Virgina
    Colliers, Paden City, Weirton



  • KLI - Klingon Language Institute
  • KDFS - Klingon Defense Force Simulation Group

  • 5. Information about the groups

    The groups are sorted alphabetically: fan clubs, then language groups

    Please remember: most clubs are pure fan organizations - without excess finances backing their postage costs. So please provide a SASE (Self Adressed Stamped Envelope) when asking for further information. If you write to a foreign country, please provide two or three ICR (International Reply Coupons). These can be bought at your local post office and (that's the trick) changed into local stamps in nearly every post office around the world.

    IKF - Imperial Klingon Forces

    Is a not-for-profit Star Trek fan organization devoted to the portrayal of the Klingon Culture in a fun and exciting way. And how does this affect me? Simply put, we have NO DUES! Nada, zip, zilch, zero! "Why should one pay for a birthright!"

    IKF has many things to Offer. We have Divisions involved in "recreation" of events that 'might' have happened on the show, involvement in the Internet, Communities, costuming, gaming and more. Since 1994 IKF has been offering people with a lust for battle an opportunity to experience it with others. With our membership scattered all over the world, there is bound to be a chapter near you.
    The IKF High Council modestly rules over the organization. The Main decision making body are those that have attained the rank of Captain and Admiral.

    The root of any structure starts at the chapter level. All Chapters must have a Commanding Officer or Governor/ness. All chapter heads must complete the Command Training Academy

    Naval and Marine Divisions:
    These are the two primary units of IKF. They back each otherwup. Ranks are somewhat different, but the lust for Honor and Glory are the same.

    IKF Reserves:
    Not enough time you say? Maybe you should think about the IKF Reserves... A reservist need only attend (at least) 4 meetings a year, and most major events... We understand that life sometimes get's in the way...

    IKF Diplomatic Corps:
    A small, yet very effective, group of civilian warriors taking on the ever so large responsibility of meeting and getting to know other groups and bring them to the attention of the Council. Searching for the co-existance, and then making it happen.

    QM/SUPPLY, INTEL & Special Ops:
    Two birds of a feather are these. They both seek out and retrieve information (Intel on other groups, QM/SUPPLY on costuming and uniforms). Often do these two divisions work together.

    Civilian Sector:
    Where would the Empire be without the loyal subjects to keep the culture alive? In IKF this belief is no different.

    Now you have the information... And now it's up to you...


    Thought Admiral Kethas epetai-Rustadzh
    Chancellor, IKF High Council

    VIA E-MAIL AT: IKF@juno.com or VIA E-MAIL AT: IKFDC@juno.com ...


    Imperial Klingon Forces (IKF)
    c/o Sam Siegel
    2625 Pacific Dr. 24
    Fargo, ND 58103

    WWW-Site: http://i-k-f.tripod.com/

    Khemorex Klinzhai!

    Originating from Scotland (United Kingdom) the club spread over europe and now is the biggest Klingon fanclub in Europe, with many "ships" (local groups) e.g. in:

    What do we do:

    • HAVE FUN...
    • meet people who are as mad as you...
    • create klingon uniforms, masks, makeup, ...
    • visit cons as a group (and winning fancy dress contests).
    • celebrate "Qet'lop"s - THE Klingon feast several times a year. This is a miniCon/party made by and for Klingon fans which already made it into literature (Jeff Greenwald: "Future Perfect").
    • do creative work: write stories, text+compose songs, film videos, ...
    • socializing, talking, drinking, discussing... together
    • do charity work. Like raiding shopping malls and pressing donors out of helpless customers   {{;-).

    Club fee:

    Nearly nothing, only a small support of 4,- EURO per year to cover the command's postage for urgent news, invitations, etc.
    However if you want to receive the club newsletter, you should provide the (additional) fee for copying and postage. In germany this currently runs about 2-3 EURO per issue (with 4 issues/year planned). Please contact us for a subsciption.

    So what?

    So, if you want to join us international for fun, parties, charity work and general mayhem contact us!
    "Hey-ho! Fun is honorable!"


    Personal Mail:

    E-Mail: firstcontact@khemorex-klinzhai.de
    1st Lieutenant E'ttiva K'Vada
    c/o Diana Kraska
    Helgaweg 1
    44388 Dortmund

    Please provide a SASE if you choose to write us (SASE = SelfAdresses Stamped Envelope). The initial info is fairly large so the postage in Germany is 1,45 EUR (6 IRCs).

    KAI - Klingon Armada International

    The Klingon Armada International (KAI) is a multi-faceted group of fans who have taken our love of Star Trek and turned into a high profile, fun-loving club. Unlike many Star Trek fan clubs, KAI does not charge any dues, and consists entirely of fans who adopt Klingon personas and appearance. We have "ships," local chapters in several states and we're growing steadily. We participate in the traditional Star Trek activities such as conventions and movie premiers; we get together for meetings and social activities, and we take an active interest in the community and charity service, usually in full Klingon battle gear, gives us high visibility and takes us a step above other clubs. New members are encouraged to become uniformed as soon as possible, so they may also enjoy the attention and fun. KAI offers resources and assistance on costuming, make-up, and accessories to help all of our warriors look their best.

    Working on the theory that lending our Klingon personas to a good cause can be very rewarding for everyone involved, we have made this aspect of KAI our challenge to Star Trek fandom. And, as everyone knows, Klingons just love a good challenge.

    KAI members have answered telephones for public television in several cities across the country; given demonstrations in shopping malls, public libraries, sci-fi conventions, and schools; participated as guests at local sporting events and conventions; run various panels and activities at sci-fi conventions; performed on-and-off stage in several major cities; we have participated in food, toy and blood drives as well as walk-a-thons and bowl-a-thons; we have raised funds and goods for children, the elderly and animals; and promoted Trek products in local stores. And this is just the abeginning.

    Also available to members is The Catalyst, the official newsletter of KAI. Members are encouraged to send in accounts of their victories and escapades. The Catalyst keeps members up-to-date on the goings-on around the fleet. New information or changing procedures are always announced in the newsletter. The Catalyst is essential for distant members or those without a ship.

    If you think you have what it takes to be a Klingon warrior in KAI, visit the web page http://www.klingonarmadainternational.org/

    KAG - Klingon Assault Group

    The KLINGON ASSAULT GROUP is a not-for-profit STAR TREK fan organization. There are NO DUES here, and our growth is based on communication and cooperation. Klingon uniforms aren't required, but to advance within our ranks a uniform will be necessary. Promotions are based solely on merit, level of involvement.

    We are International in scope, covering different areas around the globe with ships and members from all parts of the globe.

    What does KAG do?

    KAG has Fun.

    Our members go to fan conventions and intimidate other species. We help charities with food and blood drives.

    Why is KAG growing?

    Good Question. It's phenomenal...

    What ever the reason, We're Awesome, and getting Awesomer!

    Advancing In Rank:

    The KLINGON ASSAULT GROUP has Fleets and Quadrants, all built from members working together to form individual warships (shipboard-type local chapters). All it takes to get a scoutship up and running are a few interested and involved Klingons.

    To those that would command such a vessel: you will need drive, determination, and organizational skills. Upon joining, KAG COMMAND will place you aboard the nearest KAG vessel, or assist you in starting one of your own.

    Force Recon: If you know little of the Klingon Empire, or live in an area where there are no KAG ships yet, this KAG division is for you. Here, one can learn of names and line-names, language, ships, weaponry, and arts of the Klingon Empire.

    There are other KAG units - Marines, Raiders, Quartermasters and more - but the first step is to determine whether you have the KLINGON SPIRIT in your heart and soul. If so, fill out a KAG APPLICATION FORM and send it in. If not, step aside, meek one!

    In Brief:

    Here are some nit-picking details to summarize what membership is all about...

    Place of Meetings: We party where we choose.

    Time of Meetings: We party when we choose.

    Cost of Membership: *Nothing*. (Do we look like Ferengi Capitalists to you?)

    Length of Membership: However long you live Honorably.

    How do I join?

    It's about timeyou asked...and it's never been so simple! An online application form is available on the KAG website: http://www.kag.org/
    Just send your completed application form with a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope to:

    	Klingon Assault Group
    	Jack Borkowski/Thought Admiral Kuuriis
    	1332 Scott Blvd., Covington, KY 41011-3457

    WWW-Homepages (selected):

    The KAG Domain
    KAG - Australia

    Contact Addresses:

    Leader of KAG
    Force Recon Officer
    Dark Moon Fleet
    Sundragon Fleet
    Stormrider Fleet
    Cold Terror Fleet
    Crimson Knight Fleet
    Demon Fleet

    KAGK - Klingon Assault Group Kanada

    KAG split into KAG and KAG KANADA over ten years ago. KAG KANADA is a proud member of the Worldwide Klingon experience. Please note the following email addresses for contact:

    KSF CinC - Thought Admiral K'Lay epetai-Chang

    KSF Chief of Staff - Admiral Qe'San zantai-Be'rawn

    KSF Campaign Coordination Commander - Vice-Admiral K'Obol epetai-K'Onor

    Senior Command Officer - Admiral Qel Iv zantai-SatIr, IS, KAD, MK Chair,
    Executive Command Board
    Terran ID: Paul Carreau

    Commander, Ice Dragon Fleet - Vice-Admiral K'Obol zantai-K'Onor, KAD, CK
    Member Executive Command Board
    Terran ID: Doug Welsh

    Commander, Steel Fist Fleet - Captain Ja'Koomba sutai-K'Onor, KAD, MK
    Member Executive Command Board
    Terran ID: Debi Burtenshaw

    Senior Command Officer - Paul Carreau
    Admiral Qel Iv zantai-Satir, KAD, KC

    Commander Ice Dragon Fleet - Doug Welsh
    Captain K'Obol vestai-Chang-K'Onor, KAD, CK

    Commander Steel Fist Fleet
    Capt. K'Rlikh sutai-Sor-Klikh, KAD

    Web page is: http://www.kagkanada.com/

    KDFS - Klingon Defence Force Simulation Group

    he Klingon Defence Force is a Simulation / RPG group that roleplays the persona of a klingon. We meet on a weekly basis, or daily via email, to sim the life and times of a klingon character aboard a ship of the empire (or starbase, or homeworld) . Detailed information can be found at http://www.kdfs.org/ (outdated link).

    Our strength is in our members. Our honor is in being one of the longest running Klingon Sim/RPG group running on the net.

    Recently, we developed our own website, and a Public IRC network at www.kdfs.net ( irc.kdfs.net:6667)

    email kilmarac@kdfs.net

    snail Mail :

    	Klingon Defence Force
    	C/O Kilmarac
    	PO Box 7056
    	 Cincinnati, Oh 45205

    KDC - The Klingon Diplomatic Corp

    The KDC and the Dorsai Irregulars are still quite active in the midwest and Canada, their traditional haunts.

    We are not affiliated with or related to the west-coast "Klingon Diplomatic Corp" group ~ they appear to have used the name without knowledge of our prior existance, nor are we affiliated with or related to the "Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corp", though they are aware of us and our history.

    The Klingon Diplomatic Corp were the *first* Klingon group, appearing in May of 1973 at Starcon 1 in Detroit ~ long before being Klingon became fashionable. We did all the early Trek cons, including the legendary Riotcon in New York in '76 (thirty Klingons as security against 30,000 angry ticketholders) and have appeared in "Time" magazine.

    Our most recent KDC appearance was at Primedia 2 in Toronto, Canada.

    Check out the Dorsai Irregulars website for photos and a timeline of the DI and KDC:

    http://di.org/di_hist.htm (outdated link)

    Proud to be a smooth-headed Klingon ...

    Kathode, KDC ~ "Fear Not Peace"

    KEP - Klingon Embassy Poland (tlhIngan wo' rIvSo')

    tlhIngan wo' rIvSo' is an unofficial fanclub of Star Trek in Poland. Our members are (mostly) enthusiasts of a Klingon race. We are a non-profit organisation with the aim of propagating Klingon culture and language as well as the Klingon way of life.

    We welcome all new members from Poland as well as from Central and East Europe. Since we consider ourselves Klingons, not Ferrrrrengi, membership in our fanclub is free. Klingon uniforms are not required neither.

    1. WWW sites:

    2. Mailing lists:
    There are two main discussion lists associated with the Embassy:
    • Dev - mailing list for general matters, club announcements, etc.
    • DuSaQ - mailing list for learners of Klingon language.
    Each of the ships has its own mailing list.

    3. IRC channels
    (on warszawa.irc.pl or wroclaw.irc.pl) where you can meet the virtual Klingons from Poland:
    • Klingons
    • bortaS
    • getang

    How to contact us? Feel free to send an e-mail message in Polish or English to one of the following persons:

    KIDC - Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps

    The Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps is an international, not-for-profit, cultural and educational organization dedicated to fostering and promoting Klingon culture, traditions and society here on Terra. The KIDC is headquartered at the Klingon Imperial Embassy in Montreal, Canada. It currently has members in numerous countries around the world including: Argentina, Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Israel, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Scotland, Sweden and the United States. Our members range in age from 8 to 78 years of age and come from a wide range of occupations and lifestyles. Many Klingons who have joined us have commented how many close kinships have been formed between themselves and other members, and a tight-knit and extremely supportive Klingon community has developed as a result. In times of crisis, our members have been known to make extraordinary efforts in providing both assistance and moral support to their fellow Klingons, both in and out of the KIDC. Participation by our members takes many forms; personal correspondence with other members by regular mail or e-mail, submitting articles and participating in our many popular electronic mailing lists, make-up and costuming workshops, and attending such events as Klingon feasts, Diplomatic Receptions, movie premieres and SF/Trek conventions. Over 80% of our membership has access to the Internet and e-mail, so we have many Internet-based projects and programs. Our members have also participated in food drives as well as numerous other community and charitable events in their local areas. We even have a "Klingon Mentorship Program" to match new recruits to more experienced members in order to gently guide them into the world of Klingon culture and to become more comfortable within the KIDC and its' ways. The Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps Domain http://www.klingon.org/ is the largest and most popular Klingon website in the world, with over 225 pages of fascinating and intriguing information relating to the Empire and it's people. The KIDC site is also recognized by most major Klingon clubs and groups as the largest Klingon cultural resource on the Internet. The KIDC site has won over 90 awards for its originality in content, design and innovation; including being chosen as one of Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine's "Top Ten Star Trek Websites" in the world! The KIDC is well-known for providing valuable resources and services to the Klingon community at large; such as the famous "Klingon Internet Directory" and "Klingon ICQ Directory", the only centralized listings of Klingons from around the globe. The KIDC has also established a sister organization known as the "Klingon Imperial Weapons Guild" which is dedicated to the preservation of the ancient art of Klingon bladed weaponry. For more complete information about the KIDC's structure and organization and the advantages of membership, please visit our website and check out the KIDC Club information FAQ. You may also request an application kit by sending your request by e-mail or snail mail (along with your real name, full address and postal/zip code) to the Klingon code) to the Klingon Imperial Embassy (Klingon@klingon.org) at the following address:

    	Klingon Imperial Embassy
    	Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps
    	205 Vinet Avenue, Dorval
    	Quebec, Canada H9S 2M5
    For more complete information about the KIDC's structure and organization and the advantages of membership, please visit our website and check out the KIDC Club information FAQ. You may also request an application kit by sending your request by e-mail or snail mail (along with your real name, full address and postal/zip code) to the Klingon code) to the


    KIDC's Head of Mission: Ambassador Lady K'Zin Zantai Kasara
    Acting Chief of Staff: Commander Ka'Diin Vestai Kasara
    KIDC's Head of Security: Captain Makin Sutai Cheghjihtah-Kasara

    KLAW - Klingon Legion of Assault Warriors

    "Do you hear the cry of the warrior calling you to battle, calling you to glory?"

    The KLINGON LEGION OF ASSAULT WARRIORS (K.L.A.W.) is a dynamic interactive Star Trek fan organization devoted to the promotion of Klingon supremacy and Klingon fandom (Klindom.) As a Klingon group, our activities are organized with a Klingon theme while furthering the concepts and ideas of Star Trek. K.L.A.W.'s primary mission is to have fun.

    K.L.A.W. is first and foremost a Star Trek fan organization, based on the Klingon ideology. To this end we adopt a Klingon, or as we prefer, a Klin attitude in our dealings among ourselves and others. Vessels (a.k.a. chapters) are encouraged to keep an active social schedule; many are also engaged in a variety of community service projects.

    K.L.A.W. maintains an overall timeline that is concurrent with the Star Trek movies. Members assume the roles and responsibilities of Klingon officers or crew members assigned to various departments (a.k.a. specialties) on each vessel.

    Web: http://www.klingonlegion.com

    Please contact Paul Stacy (korvette@handofkahless.com) for assistance.

    KLAS - Klingons Lending Assistance and Support

    KLAS is made up of people who wish to role play as Klingons or Aliens that would serve aboard a Klingon Ship. We like to do the same things that other clubs do, go to conventions, watch the movies, and participate in role playing games. We do however have an active part in the community. We go to children's wards at the hospitals and child care homes to entertain the children and get their minds off their problems for a little while. We go to the mental and physical handicap homes to entertain and show them their is a difference between reality and fiction. We work with charity groups such as MDA, and others to help raise money for their orgainzations. We go to summer camps and put on shows and work with the kids. We work with the school systems in our area to put on programs teaching the kids things like honesty and honor, or what ever the schools want to promote. We work with local business in our area to promote their special sales and promotions. We participate in parades and local events. We help promote items we feel there should be a concern for in the community and bring people's attention to it. In short we are active in giving back to the community as well as having a lot of fun.

    In the past year KLAS has formed an elite security force to assist in the establishing and maintaining of order at conventions.

    Mebership in KLAS is $10 for Individual and $20 for Family Membership

    Membership includes:

    KLAS Fleet Communications Officer
    Joann Croley
    Joplin MO 64804
    ICQ # - 68564107

    Internet contacts are:

    KSF - Klingon Strike Force

    Greetings warrior,

    We have prepared a short "Who We Are" summary for those of you who wish to know more about the KLINGON STRIKE FORCE. We will be happy to send additional materials, on request. In the mean time, visit some of our websites and read a copy of our latest newsletter BATTLE LINES. Klingon Strike Force Central Net

        Admiral K'Lay epetai K'Onor-Chang
        KSF Chief of Staff
        Campaign Coordination Command XO
        Cyber Sector Command
    What's in it for you?

    With those who share your uniquely Klingon point of view. We have members all over the global community. Expand your horizons.
    Do you write, draw, create models, work with computers, role-play, design ships or weapons, do costuming or other imaginative things in the Klingon universe? Or would you like to learn how? We have a multitude of projects, both complete and in progress, and people who want help with them or who can provide help for you.
    Give your Klingon persona a chance to show what he/she did to deserve all that glory. The KSF club role play needs you to help keep the Empire one step from disaster. Play by mail or e-mail via short, easily composed reports to others while getting overviews through the newsletter. Earn rank, status and the respect of your role playing peers.
    Information Network:
    Want to know who's going to be at a con; what the latest Star Trek novel is like; where and how to learn to communicate using the Klingon language or the latest scuttlebutt in fandom? Someone in the KSF knows, and is waiting to discuss it with you.
    tlhIngan HolDajatlh'a' - (Do you speak Klingon?)
    Would you like to learn the Klingon language, or at least some useful phrases? A language course, or help in learning is available from Adm. K'Zhe; a column also appears in our newsletter.
    A quarterly newsletter reporting on all this and more comes with your membership. Don't be the last species of intelligent life in the galaxy to jump on the bandwagon. Join now!
    The NL contains Editorials from higher ranking officers, a list of new members, address changes, promotions, demotions, awards, transfers, clubnews, including news of members' activities and list of club projects,articles and convention reports by members, artwork, and an update on the club rpgs. A new club roster is sent yearly.

    For further information on the KSF (America), just mention the FAQ and feel free to contact:

    Margie McDonnell
    Thought-Admiral K'lay epetai-K'Onor-Chang
    Commander in Chief
    17 McFatridge Road Apt 31
    Halifax Nova Scotia B3N2R3

    or by email contact...

    Thought Adm. K'Lay epetai K'Onor - Chang
    KSFCommand@aol.com (Margie McDonnell)
    KSFCommand@aol.com (Margie McDonnell)

    KWS - Klingon Warrior Society

    The Klingon Warrior Society currently has over 200 members all around the world as it it mainly Web-based and their numbers are constanly rising. Its main aim is to teach terrans about Klingon culture and language. Be sure to drop by our homepage at

    as most information can be taken from these pages.

    We currently have two projects running.

    For some time now we have been planning to send out an electronic newsletter with up-to-date information about Klingon activities and general information about Klingon culture.

    However we have been experiencing some problems finishing it but it it hopefully due out before the end of the year. Any articles are welcome. Simply mail them to bentoam@mail.auburn.edu or sajqa1@juno.com. Membership is absolutely free.

    KAF - Komorex Attack Fleet

    The Komerex Fleet?

    Komerex is defined by the Klingon Dictionary as that which grows. And within fandom as well as the Klingon 'game of life', that is what we are doing!

    The Komerex Fleet is the base organization with alliances to other clubs and organizations. We are the (mostly) Klingon side.

    The 'Battle Council', which is comprised of Thought Admirals chosen on the basis of honor, integrity, knowledge, and experience head the fleet and oversee the general operation of the fleet. The Battle Council is comprised of multiple people to keep things fair and honorable for all. The council is the head of a 'chain of command' that starts with the Captain and First officer of each ship, and progresses thru battlegroups, to sector and back to the Battle Council. The Battle council maintains an "open door" policy of listening to everyone with a question or problem.

    The Komerex Alliance:

    Nothing changes within your group or organization when you form an alliance with the Komerex Fleet. An alliance with us merely recognizes the fact that we both exist within fandom and you want to 'role-play' or join activities with us. Aligned organizations will continue to govern themselves as they wish. Each group that is aligned with us has the option of representation in the council.

    What we're all about:

    The bottom line here is that yes, we are a Klingon structured organization. However, we are more much than that---We have formed out of the desires of those who enjoy the FUN and comraderie that can come from fandom. We all work together as a unit.. our goal... a positive future; We strive each day to fufill the Komerex motto: One for ALL, not all for one, living and playing in Roddenberry's vision.. As a whole, we may not be the largest fan club, but size is not what we strive for.. we seek the quality.... not the quantity...

    There are NO membership fees. The Komerex Fleet zine is mailed quarterly and costs; $10 per year. (Editor Sr.Lt. Qo'Bah vestai Qlavaq, e-mail: Tintle@worldnet.att.net).

    If you are interested in joining the Komerex Attack Fleet or aligning your organization with us, you may contact any of the individuals listed here:

    Th. Adm. Qeldas epetai Qlavaq - Battle Council Leader
    Paula Crist-Pickett
    P.O. Box 9406
    Santa Rosa, CA. 95409

    Th. Adm. U'Qtenya epetai Ru'Qstay - Battle Council
    Debra Roberts
    P.O. Box 276978
    Sacramento, CA 95827-6978
    e-mail: IvanovaB5@aol.com

    KOMEREX - KITE (Klingons In The East)

    Qsera Mor'gann Qlavaq - Qey SeH - Eastern Sector Commander
    Linda Paulsen
    P.O. Box 18076
    Pittsburgh, PA 15236
    e-mail: capt_morghann@yahoo.com

    T'Chargh Qey SeH - Qlavaq - Eastern Sector Deputy Commander
    Ed Paulsen
    P.O. Box 18076
    Pittsburgh, PA 15236
    e-mail: EdPaulsen@technologist.com

    The Most Ancient Order Of The Knights Of The Qaptaq

    The qaptaQ is an organization dedicated to the Klingon ideals of Honor, Glory, Strength and Straightforwardness. The qaptaQ way of life is often summarized by the principle of Nal Komerex Khesterex: That which does not grow, shall wither and die.

    The qaptaQ testify to the great loyalty and fidelity which is to be found in all Klingons everywhere: the pride inherent in the greatness which has sprung from the Klingon warrior since the earliest of times. The qaptaQ fight for a way of life, a total philosophy.

    The qaptaQ has, as its speculative origins a rich pre-history extrapolated from the fictional 23rd and 24th centuries portrayed in the various incarnations of Star Trek. In addition, the qaptaQ owes much of its support to a series of original works authored by many of its members. Such works often depict periods far back in time, before the mighty race known as the Klingons had developed spaceflight or a common cultural identity.

    The operative origin of the qaptaQ is deeply rooted in the counter culture of the Klingons which has evolved around Star Trek in all its forms.

    The main focus of the qaptaQ is based around the exploration of the political, cultural, and spiritual lives of that most noble of people, the warriors of the Klingon Empire, as well as the possible history of the Empire as portrayed in the various embodiments of Star Trek.

    The central belief of all qaptaQ is that all Klingons are warriors and some Klingons become strategists but precious few learn the philosophy of the way of the warrior. Such warriors as do so learn may one day come to join the ranks of the knights of the qaptaQ.

    The essence of the qaptaQ way of life may be apprehended by non-members through the creed of the warrior:

    The creed of the warrior:

    I have no parents: I make the heavens and the earth my parents.
    I have no home: I make awareness my home.
    I have no death: I make the tides of breathing my death.
    I have no divine power: I make honesty my divine power.
    I have no means: I make understanding my means.
    I have no magic secret: I make character my magic secret.
    I have no body: I make endurance my body.
    I have no eyes: I make the flash of lightning my eyes.
    I have no ears: I make sensibility my ears.
    I have no limbs: I make promptness my limbs.
    I have no strategy: I make "unshadowed by thought" my strategy.
    I have no designs: I make "seizing opportunity by the forelock" my design.
    I have no miracles: I make right action my miracles.
    I have no principles: I make adaptability to all circumstances my principles.
    I have no tactics: I make emptiness and fullness my tactics.
    I have no talents: I make ready wit my talent.
    I have no friends: I make my mind my friend.
    I have no enemy: I make careleyssness my enemy.
    I have no armor: I make benevolence and righteousness my armor.
    I have no castle: I make immovable mind my castle.
    I have no sword: I make absence of self my sword.

    If you are interested in membership in the qaptaQ you may fill out the slip on the back of this form and mail it to the address below:

    2169 Summer St.
    Suite 106
    Stamford CT

    Applications are not routinely accepted from persons under the age of 18, however exceptions to this policy may be granted from time to time at the discretion of the administration of the qaptaQ.

    The qaptaQ have no programs for children, nor do we provide any form of child care. The qaptaQ assesses no fees for membership, however members may at times be required to provide materials and services for the exclusive use of the organization at their own expense.

    WWW-Page: (used to be on geocities.com which is gone)

    Muskogee Klingons

    We have done security work at many conventions over the last year. Examples of some of are events are: Being in parades in full uniform, Promotions at area stores, Performing for children's groups at hospitals, charity events, doing fund-raisers, and volunteering for community service projects. We are ready to serve the EMPIRE and the KLINGON race & are hopping to increase our ships and crew.

    David and Gayla Taylor,
    300 North 40 Street, Apt 1020 Muskogee, Oklahoma 74401, U.S.A.
    Main address:
    (others: ikvbloodsword@hotmail.com, klingondet@sbcglobal.net)
    WWW: (used to be on geocities.com which is gone)

    Warriors of Kahless

    During the time of "Gowrons folly" (the war with the federation) the high council became aware that the empire, though never short of brave warriors, were running dangerously short of experenced warriors and officers.

    There were however a large number of old, disonored, and alien crew and officers who were experenced and would never normally get into the strike force.

    The answer was simple. Form a unit of these people and see if it works. It did and the warriors of kahless was the result.

    Bringing honor to the disonored, frequently going into battle first (expendable!) we have gained a formidable reputation in the empire. Lead by capt. K'atal, late of the house of Duras we will go on to greater honors!


    warriors_of_kahless@smartgroups.com (probably outdated)
    (doesn't work anymore)

    Steve Roehead
    88 Stourbridge Road,
    DY10 2QB

    Klingon Language Institute

    Now in its ninth year of operation, the Klingon Language Institute continues its mission of bringing together individuals interested in the study of Klingon linguistics and culture, and providing a forum for discussion and the exchange of ideas. Our membership is diverse, including Star Trek fans with curiosity and questions about Klingon language, RP gamers wishing to lend some authenticity to a Klingon character, as well as students and professionals in the fields of linguistics, philology, computer science, and psychology who see the Klingon language as a useful metaphor in the classroom or simply wish to mix vocation with avocation. Though based in the USA, the Institute is actually an international endeavor, presently reaching over forty countries on every continents (yes, even Antarctica!). The efforts of the KLI have been formally acknowledged by Paramount who granted us a license for our work.

    Our primary means of pursuing our mission is our quarterly journal, HolQeD. Not simply a newsletter, HolQeD is a referred journal utilizing peer review. Each issue includes columns, articles, interviews, and letters exploring the Klingon language. HolQeD is indexed by the Modern Language Association and is registered with the Library of Congress (ISSN: 1061-2327).

    The KLI has gained a great deal of attention in the press for our translations efforts, specifically our Klingon Shakespeare Restoration Project (KSRP) and Klingon Bible Translation Project (KBTP). In March of 1996 we published a limited edition hardbound translation of Hamlet (ISBN: 0-9644345-1-2) and plan to continue with a new play each year from here out. In addition to translation, another or our efforts is the Klingon Writing Project (KWP) which for the last two years has published the KLI's literary supplement, jatmey, original poetry and fiction composed in Klingon.

    From our website (http://www.kli.org), we attempt to provide the definitive resource for anyone interested in the Klingon language. This includes a constantly updated list of all Klingon words from sources other than Okrand's dictionary (e.g., interviews in our journal, Skybox trading cards). Other pages include audio files of Klingon phrases, past winners of wordplay contests from the pages of HolQeD (come see our Klingon pallindromes!), a GIF file of a KLI classroom painted by noted artist and Guggenheim fellow Peter Waite, a world map of the spread of the KLI, and much more.

    For individuals just getting started, we offer a free postal course which allows beginners a chance to study the language at their own pace. We also maintain the tlhIngan-Hol mailing list on the Internet and have instituted a "Beginners' Grammarian" whose sole function is to be there to respond to the kinds of questions and posts that beginners ask, preventing a newcomer from being inundated or overwhelmed by more experienced Klingonists.

    Beginning in March of 1996, the KLI acquired Merchant Status and now accepts VISA and MasterCard for memberships, as well as KLI materials including all backissues of our quarterly journal, HolQeD; copies of jatmey, our literary supplement; our illustrated guide to the verbal suffixes of Klingon; and our latest book: a compilation of articles by Captain Krankor taken from the first four years of HolQeD. We also carry the complete range of Klingon books and tapes from Simon & Schuster, and make these available to Klingon enthusiasts outside the USA who might otherwise not be able to find them. Orders can be placed online at our Merchant page.

    Finally, every July the KLI holds its annual meeting or qep'a'. This is a five day event bringing together some of the most proficient Klingon speakers in the world. There are no celebrity guests (though last year Marc Okrand made a surprise visit!), no costume competition, and no movie room. Instead, the qep'a' is more like a cross between a relax-a-con and professional conference. There are discussion sections on topics such as teaching Klingon, curse warfare, and Klingon translations. Attendence is small, but for one week each year at the qep'a' Klingon truly becomes a living language. The meeting ends with a banquet on the last night.

    :: Dr Lawrence M Schoen, Director   :: The KLI is a nonprofit ::
    :: The Klingon Language Institute   :: tax exempt corporation ::
    :: POB 634, Flourtown, PA 19031 USA :: DaH HuchlIj'e' ghonob  ::
    ::  lawrence@kli.org  :: http://www.kli.org ::  215/836-4955  ::

    qepHommey - klingon language enthusiasts

    qepHommey - Klingon language in your area
    (supported by the

    The individuals listed below have all graciously offerred to host qepHommey, small informal gatherings, to allow Klingon speakers in their area to come together, meet, and share in their common interest in the warrior's tongue.

    How often these local meetings will occur will be left up to each individual group. Some will doubtless exist in tandem with regional fan organizations, some with community classes on Klingon, and some completely independent of other groups. It's our hope that these qepHommey will serve to energize Klingon study and proficiency at a local level.

    See http://www.kli.org/activities/qepmey for a general overview and http://www.qephom.de/ for the meeting in Germany.

    tlhIngan Qummem - Klingon Language Directory

    Interested in the Klingon language? Whether you are just using it for the occasional nuqneH, or you're a wanna-be serious student of the warrior tongue, tlhIngan Qummem* is for you.

    As tlhIngan Qummem* is independent of other clubs ranks and status from any club are excluded from its listings.

    Details are restricted to members eyes only but you can be listed with as many or as few details as you wish. Generally these will consist of: Skill Level / Terran Name / Klingon Name / Address / Comm. Ref #

    For your copy please submit your details on the website or request me (qe' San) to contact you with further information at tlhIngan_Qummem@btinternet.com

    SoH DupoQ tlhIngan Hol
    (The Klingon Language needs YOU!)

    tlhIngan Qummem polwI'

    6. Klingon Actors - fanclubs

    The Klingdom lives through its members - the fans. But as the actors presented in their roles the glorious race to us, I decided to include a short list of their fan clubs.

    The fan clubs are sorted alphabetically by the Klingon (role) name of the actresses and actors.

    L'Kor (DS9: Birthright)
    Richard Herd
    Richard Herd
    P.O. Box 56297
    Sherman Oaks, CA 9141

    WWW: http://www.richardherd.com

    Kor, Da'Har Master (TOS, DS9)
    John Colicos
    Official Fan Club & Memorial: http://www.klingon.org/Colicos/.

    7. Moved or merged clubs and groups

    The following clubs merged into or are part of an other club. Please contact the major club for further information:

    KDF - Klingon Defence Forces (Germany)
    They joined KAF in July 1999 as KAF-KOS (Komerex Attack Fleet - Klingons OverSeas). In summer 2001 they left KAF and joined the KAI.

    8. Inactive or closed down clubs and groups

    The following clubs were unreachable - it was not possible to establish contact for months, neither via snail- nor e-mail. So it can be assumed they ceased to exist (youngest members of this list first):

    The following clubs have definitely and confirmed closed down/ceased to exist:

    9. Credits

    Special thanks to...
    Qeltor (qeltor@khemorex-klinzhai.de) and taj'IH (tajih@khemorex-klinzhai.de)
    ...my compagnion webmasters of the Khemorex Klinzhai webserver, for their constant support.
    K'Mel Kurkura (jtackett@ix.netcom.com)
    ...for (one of the) best Klingon Konnections in the Web
    Lady K'Zin Zantai Kasara (Klingon@klingon.org) and Crew
    ...for the great KIDC Webserver
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    ...for his Learning-FAQ and his postal course
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    Kragtowl, Da'Har master (Trekkan@aol.com)
    ...for his constant support to my FAQs
    Kerla (kerla1@juno.com)
    ...for her prompt and neutral updates on US klingdom
    Thanks to all the Klingons making the fandom such a great place. These are especially the ones supporting me constantly with their information, as there were (a more less than more selected or complete, totally unsorted list): and
    ...and all the others not mentioned here.

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    But... this list is mine, not Paramount {{;-)
    Distribute and contribute!

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