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Imperial Date ID 0412.17

by QIb vestai yabHuj

This FAQ lists all FAQs I know of related to the Klingon fandom, culture, language and ...whatever.

Please send corrections, adresses, contacts, information and whatever you know to contribute to this FAQ to me.

This FAQ is posted about monthly to the USENET newsgroups

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The FAQ is available via WWW at

http://www.khemorex-klinzhai.de/faqs/meta.html (HTML)
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0. Structure of this FAQ (Table Of Contents)

1. Klingon Clubs and Groups FAQ
2. Klingon Equipment FAQ
3. Learning Klingon FAQ
4. Klingon Language FAQ (of the tlhIngan Hol maillist)
5. Klingonaase FAQ
6. How to make a latex mask
7. Klingon Appearance FAQ
8. Klingon Ships FAQ
9. Important WWW addresses
11. Open Mailing Lists

1. Klingon Clubs and Groups FAQ


The complete listing and compilation of information about Klingon clubs and groups worldwide. You can find the FAQ

about monthly in the USENET newsgroup

and on WWW at
http://www.khemorex-klinzhai.de/faqs/kli-faq.html (HTML)
http://www.khemorex-klinzhai.de/faqs/kli-faq.txt (HTML)

2. Klingon Equipment FAQ


This FAQ tries to concentrate basic information and tips about Klingon equipment: masks, uniforms, weapons, etc. You can find it

about monthly in the USENET newsgroup

and on WWW at
http://www.khemorex-klinzhai.de/faqs/equipment.html (HTML)
http://www.khemorex-klinzhai.de/faqs/equipment.txt (ASCII)

3. Learning Language FAQ


His FAQ provides basic information about the learning the Klingon language (tlhIngan Hol). You can find it:

then and when in the USENET newsgroup

by request to dbarron@primenet.com

and on WWW (a maybe not AS up to date, but always available)

4. Klingon Language FAQ

(the FAQ of the tlhIngan-Hol mailinglist)

In this FAQ basic information about the Klingon language (tlhIngan Hol) and often asked questions are compiled. It is the FAQ of the mailing list of the KLI. The FAQ was available at both pages - can you help find it again?

  • http://www.thomtech.com/~dspeers/faq.htm
  • http://www.bigfoot.com/~dspeers/klingon/faq.htm
The mailing list (and archives) are available at

5. Klingonaase FAQ

(by mIqIraH)

In this FAQ you find all the information about the classic (old) Klingon language (klingonaase) John M. Ford mentioned in his famous classic StarTrek books. The FAQ originally was located at:


As this page does not longer seem to exist, I put a copy on our website

6. How to make a latex mask

(by chuQun / Heidi Wessman Kneale,

The complete guide how to make a latex mask (the FAQ chuQun (Heidi Wessmann) wrote some time ago - 11/1995?) is available on our Webserver (18kB ASCII):


7. Klingon Appearance FAQ


A compilation of theories about the change in appearance the klingons made from TOS to TMP/TNG and later by McReynolds is preserved at http://www.khemorex-klinzhai.de/faqs/races.faq

8. Klingon Ships FAQ


This FAQ lists all ship types of the Klingon Fleet I know of. But it is (still) heavily under reconstruction. It is posted then and when to various newsgroups and is available on WWW at

http://www.khemorex-klinzhai.de/faqs/ships.html (HTML)
http://www.khemorex-klinzhai.de/faqs/ships.txt (ASCII)

9. Important WWW addresses

Below I have listed a few but important WWW addresses.

KMel's Klingon Konnection
THE Klingon WWW pages compilation. The most complete we knew of, was.
http://www.geocities.com/Area51/1908/ (outdated link now)

KIDC - Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps
Very much information about klingons.

KLI - Klingon Language Institute
THE resource for klingon language. Paramount approved.

Khemorex Klinzhai!
Home of variuos FAQs, much information, many pictures, online Klingon dictionary and analyzer, in German and English language.
(Hey! A little self-adverstising should be allowed, eh?)

10. Mailing Lists

Below I have listed the most prominent open mailing lists dealing with klingon fandom:

tlhIngan Hol - the language mailing list of the KLI
THE Klingon language mailing list - see the according FAQ.
To subscribe send an email to listserv@kli.org with the words "subscribe tlhingan-gol" (without quotes) in the message body.

Klingon Language - by KIDC
A new, moderated Klingon language mailing list.
To subscribe send an email to klingon_language-subscribe@egroups.com
The list archiv is available at http://www.egroups.com/lists/klingon_language/

qepHom list (German) - by Khemorex Klinzhai
A "little brother" to the KLI mailing list. Concentrated on beginners level. Languages used are tlhIngan Hol and German - no English.
Subscribe via the Webinterface http://www.onelist.com/ - maybe a mail to qepHom-subscribe@onelist.com with "subscribe" in the subject line does the job, too...

Klingon Imperial Weapons Guild
A mailing list for the bladesmiths of the Klingon Empire - supervised by KIDC (klingon@klingon.org)
To subscribe send an email detailing why you would like to become a member of the KIWG to: klingon@klingon.org and you will be added to the private mailing list.
The list archiv is available at http://www.egroups.com/lists/kiwg/, the webpage at "http://www.klingon.org/KIWG/

Klingon Subspace Transmission - by KIDC
A moderated list for news around the klingon fandom - especially KIDC.
To subscribe send an email to KST-subscribe@egroups.com
The list archiv is available at http://www.egroups.com/lists/kst/

Klingon Community - by KIDC
A general, moderated list for the klingon fandom.
To subscribe send an email to klingon_community-subscribe@egroups.com
The list archiv is available at http://www.egroups.com/lists/klingon_community/

11. Spinoff

Thanks to all the Klingons making the fandom such a great place. These are especially the ones supporting me constantly with their information.

DISCLAIMER! I know that everything even REMOTELY concerning STAR TREK is the sole, exclusive and stingily held property of Paramount. No infringement of those rights is even thought about.
But... this list is mine, not Paramount {{;-)
Distribute and contribute!

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