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This FAQ lists all Klingon starship types I know of.

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0. Structure of this FAQ (Table Of Contents)

1. Klingon StarShip Design - Foreword
2. Table of Technical Data
3. Drell-Design (1D) Family
4. Bird-of-Prey Family
5. Vor'cha Family
6. Boreth Class
7. Other FAQs for Klingons

1. Klingon StarShip Design - Foreword

Klingon StarShip Design differs especially in one area from the design strategy the Federation uses. The Federation designs a totally new class for each (little) advancement and thus each new ship has its own teething troubles.

Klingons upgrade their ships step by step - replacing only the new designed machines and parts and keeping the trusted reliable rest. A better warp core? Okay, then the new core is fitted into the proven ship. Why discard the tested and trusted - only because it has served some years faithfully? Because of this philosophy there are "only" a few classes of Klingon starships:

Drell-Design (1D) Raxor Klolode K'tinga K'terenmy* K'Togh*
Bird-of-Prey B'rel K'Vort Greater BoP / toQDuj'a' "Pregnant Seahorse" / bIQ'a' 'ervum yatlh* "War Eagle" / noH 'Itlh*
Vor'cha-Design Vor'cha Negh Var
Boreth-Design* Boreth*

All classes marked with an asteric (*) are fan-developed classes.

2. Table of Technical Data

D6: Raxor D7: Klolode D8: K'tinga D9: K'terenmy* B'rel BoP
length 216.41 m 216.4 m 214.3 m 251.2 m 51.2 m
width 152.4 m 152.4 m 152.4 m 174.9 85 m
height 55.28 m 55.3/57.1 m 57.3 m 38.9 16.5 m
displacement 110 000 t 110 000 t 120 000 t 111 000t ?
cruise Warp/TOS 6 Warp 6 (TOS) 5 (TNG) Warp 5 (TNG) Warp 6 (TNG) Warp 3 (TOS?)
combat/max. Warp/TOS 7 Warp 7 (TOS) 6 (TNG) Warp 7 (TNG) Warp 8 (TNG) Warp 6/7 (TOS?)
phaser banks 9 (bow) - - - -
disruptor banks 2 (nascells) 2 8 10 2 (wings)
photon torpedos - 1 (bow) 2 (1 front, 1 back) 2 (1 front, 1 back) 1 (bow)
defense potential:
stasis-field generators 1 1 - - -
shield generators - 1 1 1 1
cloaking devide - 1 1 1 1
other data:
officers ? 24 10 15 4
crew ? 430 375 380 8

3. Class 1 Code D - Battlecruiser

1D Mk 6: Raxor-Class / 1D Mk 7: Klolode-Class / 1D Mk 8: K'tinga-Class / 1D Mk 9: K'terenmy-Class*

1D Mk 14: K'Togh-Class*
This is the standard design for a klingon battle cruiser. The "Code D" stands for a design similar to a "Drell", a lizardlike creature from the Home Planet.

In namimg this class there is a little confusion: while FASA calls all ships of this design "Klolode" class, the technical oriented fandom uses the the nomenclature above. The name "Klolode" is mentioned in Alan Dean Foster's Star Trek LogSeries, Log 4, his novelization of the TOS episode "The Time Trap".

1D Mk 6: Raxor-Class

The "Raxor" and "Klolode" are confused - similar to the UFP classes "Constitution" and "Bonhomme Richard". The "Raxor" class is the predecessor of the "Klolode" class, is equipped with a sensor array instead of the front torpedo launchers, tractor beams instead of frontal disruptors. The two disruptors (found in the warp nascells) are supported by various phasers: 2 banks (with 2 phasers each) on top side of the main section, and 2 banks (with 1 each) on its ventral side.

The front section is equipped either with 3 phasers below the main sensor array or with a stasis field generator. Compared to the "Klolode" class one will notice, that later the more efficient disruptors are used.

Most technical references describe a "Raxor" configuration, but label them as "Klolode" (e.g. the Star Fleet Handbook and the Book Of General Plans: D7 Class Battle Cruiser by Michael McMaster.

A "Raxor" shoots at the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) in "Elaan of Troyius / Brautschiff Enterprise" (TOS).

1D Mk 7: Klolode-Class Battlecruiser

The "Klolode" is the direct predecessor of the famous "K'tinga" class. It is equipped with a songle photon torpedo launcher, 2 disruptors below the bridge and Bolognium shields in den warp nascells. They are/were the "working horses" of the Klingonischen Fleet before and during TOS/TAS. During the short alliance with the Romulans some of these ships were given to the Romulans in exchange for cloaking technology.

For its time it had an extreme short time needed for warp-transit due to a low mass. The elegant design reflects the balance between shield power and warp dynamics prominent in that time. Later designs (e.g. the "K'tinga" class) allowed better shields without loss of speed.

Starfleet Intelligence verified the building of 21 ships of this class. The real number is supposed to be between 40 and 60. Of these ships 15 (7 confirmed) were given to the Romulans.

A hull plan

Primary Hull

Deck 0: Special Sensors & Deflectors
        Sensor arrays and bridge/turbolift housings topside

Deck 1: Bridge
        With turbolift corridor, chart, and communications rooms

Deck 2: Medical Labs
        Medical Research Lab, Bio-chemical Lab, and Dentists' Office.
        Bridge Emergency Life Support blister is aft.

Deck 3: Sick Bay
        Top deck located below the "blister" flanked by port/starboard
        Officers Lounges (looking out through the 5-segmented viewports),
        Intensive Care, Operating Rooms etc.--aft is Ship's Computer room.

Deck 4: Reception & Offices
        5-segmented lateral viewports flank 5-man transporter rooms.  Center
        occupied by Ship's Computer.  Negotiation Room (see in "The Time Trap")
        and Briefing Room take up remaining room with Officers Mess astern.
Deck 5: Food Preparation
        Manual Food Preparation, Automated Food Preparation (for galley Above),
        Small Arms Arsenal, Ceremonies Room.

Deck 6: Main Deck/Officers Recreation
        Extends across to Engineering Hull (including boom with turboshafts).
        Center features Emergency Bridge and Chart Room.  Officers Gym,
	Inspirational Media Room, Weapons Proficiency Range, and Jungle
	Tactics Room.

Deck 7: Senior Officers' Quarters
        Center is Cloaking Device Room surrounded by Officers Quarters (as seen
        in "The Enterprise Incident").  Aft is Emergency Transporter Room.

Deck 8: Junior Officers' Quarters
        Arrangement similar to Deck 7 but less luxurious and roomy.

Deck 9: Intelligence Facilities
        Forward Surveilance Room, Interrogation Room, Mind Scanner Booths.
        Stern consists of Circuit Breaker & Switching Room and Batteries.

Deck 10: Sciences
         Lowermost deck's outer shell is Raw Materials Storage.  Remainder
         consists of Aux. Fire Control, Cosmology Lab, Sensor Monitors etc.

Engineering Hull

Deck E1: Hangar Deck
         Landing bay has 3 landing target/launch tracks and tractor beams, and
         port/starboard craft elevators to deck below.

Deck E2: Maintenance
         Small craft storage and Maintenance.  Bow dominated by Emergency Gen-
         erator.  Aft consists of Target Drone Storage.

Deck E3: Ships' Guards' Quarters/Engineering
         Barracks for Security personnel takes up forward section.  Aft section
         is Impulse Engineering high-bay with Emergency Reactor, Engineering
         Computer Room, and Maintenance Shops.

Deck E4: Engineering/Ships' Personnel
         More Crew Barracks.  Port and starboard Upper Phaser Bank rooms.
         Power Conversion, Waste Water Reconversion, and Impulse Engines.

Deck E5: Battle Sick Bay/Combat Troops' Quarters
         Topside of boom houses Fresh Water Storage and Science Labs.  Aft
         region is Combat Troops Barracks, large-scale Battle Sickbay.  All
         flanked by Air Conditioning machinery rooms.

Deck E6: Main Deck
         Continued from Primary Hull, Water Storage around the boom's access
         with the Access Boom's Engines.  Crews' Baracks, Ship's Emergency
         Computers, Rear Surveillance Room, Ship's Mess.  Center dominated by
         Batteries and 2nd Class Emergency Bridge (seen in "The Enterprise
         Incident"?).  Topside of propulsion pylons houses Fuel Processing &
         Storage facilities...

Deck E7: Crew Reception/Brig
         Security Section & Brig, Elevator Repair Shop, Visicoms, Transporter
         Room, Food Fabrication, Crews Gym, Inspirational Media Room, Weapons
         Proficiency Range, Ship's Laundry.  Pylon hull incorporates Hydrogen
         Ramjet scoop, Matter Compression/Sorters, Antimatter Fabrication and
         Fuel Storage tanks (for feed to nacelles).

Deck E8: Fabrication/Transporters
         Largely consists of Staging Areas for 5 21-person Transporters (seen
         in "More Tribbles, More Troubles"?).  Bow houses Metallic Fabrication,
         Sanitary Waste Recovery, Materials Reclamation, Aux. Fire Control
         Rooms and Lower Phaser Banks.  Pylon regions house Fabrication and
         Raw Materials Storage.

Deck E9: Cargo/Storage Facilities
         Cargo holds of all sizes with 2 cargo transporter rooms.

"Federation Reference Series" by Starfleet Printing Office
"Book of Klingon Plans" by Micheal McMaster
"Elaan of Troyius/Brautschiff Enterprise" (TOS)
"More Tribbles, More Trouble/??" (TAS)
"Star Fleet Handbook"
The Star Trek Encyclopedia

1D Mk 8: K'tinga-Class Battlecruiser

...can be seen in the movies and some TNG episodes. The name is cited in the novelization of the first StarTrek movie.

This battlecruiser is an upgraded version of the "Klolode" class. Maybe this refit program is an answer to the Starfleet refit programm 2260-2270 (a.e. refit of the Constitution class, e.g. NCC-1701 to NCC-1701A). or maybe the Starfleet program was an answer to the Klingons' program...

However: the new cruisers have a higher firepower and stronger shields (and other neat details) than its predecessors which is (at least) more than equal to the one of the new starfleet ships.

The K'tinga class still is in use at the end of the 24th century even if it obviously is not as popular as the Vor'cha class or the various Bird-of-Prey types.

"Federation Reference Series" by Starfleet Printing Office
Gorkon's flagship in "The Undiscovered Country" (ST-VI) and the "Amar" in the first movie (ST-The Movie).
The Star Trek Encyclopedia

1D Mk 9: K'terenmy-Class Destroyer*

The "K'teremny" was never seen in films or on TV. Its sleek destroyer design looks a bit like a flattened "K'tinga" cruiser. It has a bigger wing span than the "K'tinga" cruisers, a higher firepower and combines higher speed with a better maneuverability.

This fan design is only seen in the "Federation Reference Series" and "Starship Design" of the "Star Fleet Printing Office" (yes, that's the company's name).

"Federation Reference Series" by Starfleet Printing Office

1D Mk 14: K'Togh-Class Ceremonial Cruiser*

The "K'Togh" class was never seen in movies, too. It is quite similar to the "K'tinga" class except that its design and equipment is more generous than other ships. They were built for ceremonial purposes and representation. Despite that they still are full scale warships.

4. Bird of Prey

B'rel-Class Scout Vessel (D-12 / K-22) / K'Vort-Class Battlecruiser (L-42) / Greater BoP (toQDuj'a') / "Pregnant Seahorse" (bIQ'a' 'ervum yatlh)* / "War Eagle"-Class (noH 'Itlh)*

The view and design of the Bird-of-Prey variants keeps to be the same even if the sizes can differ EXTREMLY. In contrast to nearly all other starships the propulsion units are integrated into the ship and not in external nascells.

BoP B'Rel-Class (D-12 / FASA: K-22) Scout Vessel

This scout class BoP manned with 12 warriors can be seen in the movies (ST III-VI, VIII) and many episodes of TNG and DS9. The well known "HMS Bounty" of ST-IV:"The Voyage Home" (seized by the Enterprise crew) is a B'Rel class ship. The B'rel BoP of the Duras sisters in ST-VIII is identified by Worf as subclass "D-12" (which should be a Drell Design due to nomenclature).

The hull plan:

Deck 1:  Water Storage, Crew Quarters, Life Support, Cloaking Device,
Deck 2:  Sensor Calibration, Bridge, Emergency Batteries, Mess,
         Transporter Room, Parts Storage, Sickbay, Briefing Room,
         Engineering, Crew Quarters
Deck 3:  Water Storage, Forward Landing Gear, Cargo Bay, Brig,
         Interrogation, Arsonal, Space Suit Locker, Boarding Ramp

Klingon Scout Vessel Blueprints by Lawrence Miller Designs
The Star Trek Encyclopedia

BoP K'Vort-Class (FASA: L-42) Battlecruiser

This big BoP version is presumably the klingon ship seen most often in the episodes. In size it is a little bigger than half the Enterprise-D (as can be seen in TNG:"Yesterday's Enterprise").

The Star Trek Encyclopedia

Greater BoP / toQDuj'a'

Various pictures show a very big BoP version, bigger than the B'rel- and K'Vort classes listed in the encyclopedia. A size comparison can be seen in "Reunion": these ships are at least as big as an Enterprise-D or a Vor'cha class!

The Star Trek Encyclopedia
TNG: "Reunion"

BoP "Pregnant Seahorse"-Class / bIQ'a' 'ervum yatlh*

This is a modified B'rel class. The main difference is the ventral extended cargo bay which can be used as shuttle bay, too. A full description can be found in the "Renegade Nr.7", (the fanzine of Khemorex Klinzhai!

Renegade Nr.7 of Khemorex Klinzhai!

BoP "War Eagle"-Class / noH 'Itlh*

A heavily modified K'Vort variant. Obiously it differs in a more triangular design, several docking stations and thicker wings with an extended swivel range. It is suspected that here a total new type of starship design could develop...

IKV SuSghar of Khemorex Klinzhai!

5. Vor'cha Design

Vor'cha base design/ Negh Var

The Vor'cha are the newest family of warships within the klingon empire.

Vor'cha Attack Crusier

This can be called the "Galaxy class" of the Klingon Fleet. It is frequently used as flagship (e.g. by K'mpec and Gowron). Its mission is similar to the Enterprise-D (with more emphasis on military operations).

The Star Trek Encyclopedia

Negh Var Class

This is the new flaagship of Gowron since "Way of the Warrior" (4th season DS9). Two of these can be seen in "All Good Things" (TNG last episodes) vor. This baby is bigger than a Vor'cha.

DS9, 4th season: "Way of the Warrior"
TNG 176-178: "All Good Things"

6. Boreth Class Destroyer*

If one compares the
Vor'cha with the "Galaxy" class, then the Boreth can be compared to the "Nebula" class. She is frequently used as flagship, too (e.g. in Khemorex Klinzhai!). Its operations spectrum is supposed to be analogue to the Vor'cha.

IKV Dark Knight of Khemorex Klinzhai!

7. Other FAQs for Klingons

There are many other FAQs dealing with Klingon culture. There is an overview in the

Klingon Meta - FAQ which is

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8. Spinoff

Thanks to all the Klingons making the fandom such a great place. These are especially the ones supporting me constantly with their information.

For this FAQ special thanx to:

  • H. Keith Hamilton
  • Jimmy Dee
  • James T. Dixon
  • StarFleet-Handbook
  • McMaster-Prints
  • TNG Encyclopedia
  • UFP-Info (by Marco Radtke)
  • Renegade (Khemorex-Klinzhai!Fanzine)

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