KLINGON KEY KRACKERS - Fighting for Charity!

rop yIHegh! - Death to Disease!

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Aliens enter the battle against silly encryption standards and incurable diseases to boot!

September, 2002:
RC5-64 is solved. RC5-72 starting soon.

Terra, November 23rd, 1997:
Klingons, an alien warrior race frequently portrayed in the SF series ST:TNG and ST:DS9 have revealed their participation in RSA Lab's Data Security Secret-Key Contests. In these contests, computers all over the face of Terra join via the Internet in an effort to crack present standard encryption procedures, and thus prove their inadequacy in order to help develop real security.
A cash prize awaits the person whose computer actually cracks the key and wins the contest.

Therefore, a group of Humans have set up the project distributed net which coordinates spare CPU time on countless computers to work on the challenge in parallel.
Individuals and teams join under their flag, and their number grows constantly.

Surprising revelation!

The unknown head of the group of computers previously registered in the key cracking effort under the name of "Snake" today revealed himself as Q'eltor Vestai chopwI', renowned warrior, First Officer aboard the Klingon Bird of Prey quv'a' presently patrolling Federation Sector 000.

taj'IH tai chop'wI', commanding officer of the quv'a' and Q'eltor's mate declared: "We are a people that believes in maintaining real security and therefore already were interested in the challenge. When other Klingons posted on Terra itself informed us of a Human group fighting against a disease called leukodystrophia that destroys the myelin and thus the nervous system of their children, we decided to take up the challenge in earnest, form the Klingon Key Krackers team, win the prize and donate it to these honorable people.

This will be our Suv batlh = Honor Battle."

tlhIngan 'Ip batlh - Klingon Word of Honor:

We, the longhaired warriors of the club Khemorex Klinzhai ! and our human & alien allies from the computer world pledge to donate the RSA key cracking prize, if we should win it, to the noble battle of the Myelin Project to conquer the disease of leukodystrophia.

tlhIngan maH !!

Latest Developments:

Q'eltor has been reported to have adapted the Bird of Prey's onboard computers to link with Human machines via a network known on Terra as the Internet. Other Klingons and their friends are joining in the effort even while this report is being written.

Galactic Times, Stardate 44657.

The Honor Gallery of the pegh laghmoH nawlogh (Decryption Squadron)

These are the brave combatants in the RSA war who have joined Klingon Key Kracker Charity Team with their weapons (er, machines):

Q'eltor Vestai chopwI'

taj'IH tai chopwI'


'ImDat Sol'aQ

QIb Vestai yabHuj

la'Suq SepIch

Cerberus qul'etlh

to'maS fanDrIH

ghunwI' N'rewat

Top KKK RC5 Warrior!

Jeh Epetai JorwI'

Qor Epetai Haqtaj

Palshâi P'tar





Draq'naH Tai SaqIm


matHaS HoS ya'na

qa'pIn k'meQ


QaQ ngoq ngoq'e' peghHa' neH! (Only a cracked key is a good key)

little gif of lisa lyon little gif of lisa lyon This page is constantly engaged in battle! If you wish to join our charity team, and throw in your forces (and your CPU power) in honorable combat against a hideous disease that slowly and inexorably destroys the life of children, then mail the

Klingon Key Krackers

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