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What are Klingons? What is Khemorex Klinzhai about??

Interested fans (honorable ones, that is) will find a good deal of information on our club here: our flyer, a brief FAQ and other details.

Our proud Armada: regional ships and their crew (lots of pictures).
Care for some original snapshots? Where our ships are "stationed"? Where our members are situated and what they do?
Check out our crew lists (character names only) and their Klingon portraits.

Tons of snapshots
How about some more photographs? We have any amount of visual identifiers of our honorary members as well as action pics from our Qetlops, conventions, Trek dinners etc... the real thing of course is a lot better ;-)

Recommended by our propaganda department: Renegade
The Renegade is our semi-annual club magazine, written mostly in German and tlhIngan Hol. The magazine is available to non-Klingons as well, if they care to dig through unusual languages..
Some older issues have been put online, if you're too impatient to go and get a printed copy {{:-)

FAQ Help!: Questions & Answers FAQ
A collection of FAQs for Klingon fans as well as the uninitiated: clubs around the world, Klingon equipment (for chopping exercises <g>), about the language etc. Most of these are in English.

tlhIngan Hol - the Klingon language
tlhIngan Hol (commonly designated as "Klingon") is a real, functioning language. We carry all sorts of translations and reconstructions of Shakespeare, Khafkha :-), songs, texts and poetry to the original Klingon version.

We no barbarians! We got Kulture!
Hard to believe, but Klingons have a real cultural life, too! We have collected databases (on history, for example), songs, poetry, jokes and other texts (partly in German, partly in English).

Subspace LinKhs (Typo? No typo this, it's the Klingon way!)
Khemorex Klinzhai's webmasters (emphasis on -master) have put together a small but hand-picked collection of worthwhile links. No endless list, only the best...

Direct comm link to Fleet Command
(temporarily disabled because outdated, use the German version)

The German pages of this server
are usually more up to date than the English version.

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