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We are different from other fan clubs...

Completely different. Period.

Because we are a Klingon fan club. Yep, you read right: KLINGONS !
Instead of adoring the achievements and superiority of the UFP the way many other fan clubs do, we have watched the Trek series with open eyes. And there we saw Federation officers who debased themselves in order to initiate diplomatic relations!
Officers who stoically and unhesitatingly turned the other cheek. Who kept on talking even though the enemy ship had blasted the Enterprise's shields down to 30% ! Who stayed at a distance while chasing a couple of thieves rather than provoke them!

Didn't they ever hear of honor?

So how do the Klingons compare to this?
No guts, no glory!
They are the only real warriors, and would rather die than bear the humiliations of Starfleet. A race that can appreciate the wild beauty of battle! Men and women with honor, strength, power, sex appeal... and the best hair in the galaxy!

Judge for yourself: what sounds better? What would you rather be: a Feddie softhead or a Klingon warrior?

About the Club:
Well... we haven't exactly founded Khemorex Klinzhai (that honor goes to our Scottish Admirality), but we did get things running in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The result was the Dark Vengeance Fleet, the German division of Khemorex Klinzhai! And a fleet we are, for our club is divided into ships.
Every ship is composed of a local group of fans that is permitted to act independently within the hierarchy of Khemorex Klinzhai (in fact they are specifically ordered to do so). As of now, the fleet consists of an armada of 10 ships. France, Netherlands, UK and Finnland have also members now.
As you can easily see, we really are some monster club ;-)

Well, does that sound interesting? Then read the

Khemorex Klinzhai FAQ

(sorry, German only currently)

Sure, take a look around our club armada! We have plenty more pages: among other things the Khemorex-Klinzhai Galleryof selected members of the Dark Vengeance Fleet. If you have any questions (better reconsider :-) ) the FAQs in our Subspace Net will assist you.

Was ist Khemorex Klinzhai?
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