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After giving this a good deal of thought (and watching links come and go without warning, or even suddenly change to foolish Federation p0rn0 pages), the Klingon Webmasters have decided not to provide a complete collection of ST or even Klingon links.
Instead, we shall provide a selection of especially recommendable links for fans of our universe.
A wellnigh complete list of pages can be found at K'Mels Klingon Konnection or the UPF-Terminal (see below).

A project we support:

Das Myelin-Projekt
Khemorex Klinzhai! supports the Myelin Project, a multinational gathering of families struck by one of several demyelinating diseases, which destroy the nervous systems especially of children in a slow and debilitating manner. This project intends to raise international funding for scientific research, and finding new therapies.
See also the Healthopedia entry.
Our club raises money by various public events, and is striving to win the cash prize at the RC5 contest by setting up the Decryption Squadron.

The homepage of the Austrian Badlands Squadron

Contains information on the southernmost squadron of the Khemorex Dark Vengeance Fleet, as well as the official German language Klin Zha page.

Klin Zha!

The On-Line Source for the Playing, Promotion and Study of the Klingon Board Game of Klin Zha.



Central Internet Jump Points:

Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps

The web pages of the K.I.D.C. belong to the best on Terra - after ours, of course {{:-)

WWW addresses of Klingon fan clubs

tlhIngan-Hol - Klingon Language Links

SevTrek - Star Trek and Klingon Cartoons!!



Star Trek Links of general interest

UFP-Info (Uni SB)

THE German language online database on the various ST serials: TOS (Classic ST), TNG, DS9, Voyager.



Other interesting links (Bab5)

The (Hyperion) Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5

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