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Dates and history

The Klingon Empire: A Brief History
The Who Is Who of Klingons (KIDC)
Klingon rituals (KIDC)
Intergalactic Cuisine (KIDC)

Songs, poems, drama and rituals

Kleng inem (MP3, ca. 2.9 MB) NEW!
Found! : Degh (the helm)
Hamlet - the original (press release)
jachtay tlhIngan - The Klingon song of victory
The Klingon Marriage Ritual

Fun und Gags

How do redshirts survive among Klingons?
Rules of behaviour for non-Klingons
Where do little Klingons come from?
What do Vulcans for leisure?
Klingon programming

Was ist Khemorex Klinzhai?
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